Hammond and Associates which carries on business under the name Hammond Partnership has been present on the Romanian legal market since 1990.

The Firm objective is to provide legal and business advice and assistance to foreign investors whether companies or individuals who are considering working or investing in Romania. It is a bridge between the foreign client and the Romanian legal and business environment.

With this approach the Firm has developed into what today is an acknowledged legal firm in Romania.

The Firm’s lawyers are dedicated to providing expert legal advice and assistance to clients from all walks of life from individuals to the board rooms of major companies. The legal knowledge of the Firm’s lawyers covers commercial and corporate and business law as well as private and family matters.


Lawyers of the Firm have been involved in many transactions in Romania. The lawyers have assisted the Romanian Government on several major projects including inter alia harmonisation of Romanian laws to those of the European Union; advising on the privatisation of over eighty Romanain companies as well as projects funded by international agencies.

The lawyers of the Firm have all worked abroad or in major law firms in Romania and are therefore fully aware of the requirements of foreign investors. This enables the Firm to advise Romanian companies working with foreign investors as well as those Romanian clients wishing to carry on business outside Romania.

Hammond Partnership

The Firm through its connections with other law Firms outside Romania has access to top legal advice in all other jurisdictions and can therefore advise clients on doing business in other countries.

The Firm’s offices are located in the centre of Bucharest giving access to all major business centres and Government buildings.

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