Our lawyers have experience in copyright and patent law as well as registration of and defense of Trademarks both at a local and international level. Our services have included:

    • Registration of Trademarks for local and international clients in Romania with the Romanian Trademark office and with the European Trademark Registry.
    • Appearing before the Romanian Trademark Registry on refusal of marks and on clarification issues.
    • Conducting arbitration proceedings in respect of use of Trademark by unauthorized persons and enforcing trademark registrations.
    • Advising clients companies purchasing Romania companies on Trademark protection and validity of Trademarks.
    • Reviewing written texts including books in respect of copyright and possible defamation issues.
    • Advising Romania clients in respect of validity of international Copyright in relation to both the written and spoken word.
    • Assisting client in establishing electronic lending library.
    • Advising client in respect of copyright issues concerning music publication.
    • Review of GDPR regulations in relation to web-site sales and terms and conditions of trading.

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