Employment issues are for many companies an issue where our Romanian legal advice and assistance is regularly sought. Our Romanian lawyers who deal with employment matters are used to dealing with issues that arise especially regarding non-EU citizens. Below are some representative matters of our experience in the field of employment law and the services we have provided.

    • Advising international tech development company on requirements of Romanian employment law and ensuring company is compliant with international employment legislation.
    • Assisting local employers in relation to obtaining work permits and visas in relation to non-EU citizens who wish to work in Romania.
    • Drafting for international service provider employment contracts for short - and long-term employees in Romania.
    • Considering and advising on visa and work permit requirements for employees in Romanian companies.
    • Representing foreign employee in relation to termination of international and local contract and negotiation settlement.
    • Consulting and coordinating redundancy of Romanian employees on closure of business in Romania.
    • Drafting share option and share purchase scheme for Romanian employees.
    • Drafting bonus schemes for Romanian client.
    • Advising potential foreign investor in relation to provisions of Transfer of Undertaking Provisions in Romania.

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