Our lawyers have been involved in bankruptcy and insolvency matters acting for creditors and insolvent companies. We have assisted in relation to recovery of money and assets as well as defending claims. We have assisted liquidators in respect of the disposal of assets as well as considering work-outs.

    • Involved in advising major bank on security of assets and assisting debtor in repayment procedures.
    • Involved in more than 40 insolvency cases, acting on behalf of the creditors providing assistance on the debt recovery.
    • Considering assets and possible solutions in respect of debtor’s businesses and reviewing contracts to ensure maximum recovery.
    • Working and assessing the creditors’ possibilities to recover the amounts due.
    • I represented the directors / administrators and the shareholders / associations of the debtor in the actions regarding the commitment of the patrimonial responsibility started against them.
    • Attending and representing both Creditors and debtors in insolvency court proceedings.
    • Representing creditors in the Creditors meeting/ Creditor committee to protect their interest.
    • Assessing the feasibility of the reorganization plan and monitoring their implementation.
    • Identifying potential liabilities of directors and shareholders of the debtor.
    • We represented third-party acquirers or sub-acquirers in actions for annulment of fraudulent acts based on the provisions of the insolvency law.

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