As energy and renewables have become more important, we have been able to put to good effect our experience in relation to environmental and renewable projects in which we have been involved. These have included

    • Assisting local energy efficiency company regarding documentation in relation to Middle East Investment.
    • Advising Romanian and international oil exploration companies in their relationship with local oil companies.
    • Reviewing and drafting documents in relation to transfer of ownership of Romania’s largest independent oil company.
    • Advising international geothermal company on requirements in Romania and negotiating joint venture agreement.
    • Considering with Romanian company the possibility of geothermal project and review law and associated regulations.
    • Assistance Romanian supplier in respect of enforceability of contract supplying energy efficient chemicals to the UAE.
    • Supplying preliminary legal advice and assistance in respect of a number of wind farm projects to investors in relation to possible investments in Romanian renewable energy project in Constanta area. The matter consisted of an initial review of the project documentation and considering any possible initial legal implications.
    • Advising petroleum service provider in relation to legal framework and legislative matters in relation to its business in Romania.
    • Advising electricity producer concerning contractual obligations with the Romanian Electricity Regulator and Romanian electricity distributor.
    • Advising Polish/US investment fund in relation to investment in local gas supplier.
    • Reviewing with foreign investors the legal framework for the implementation of photovoltaic heating of Government buildings and apartment blocks.
    • Counselling international drilling company on legal requirements in Romania.
    • Providing legal assistance in relation to purchase of hydroelectric plant.
    • Providing advice to investors in relation to local rules and regulations in respect of environmental matters and funding schemes.
    • Advising a Romanian energy efficiency company in connection with required documentation and structuring.
    • Advising wind farm developer on documentation and regulations in Romania.
    • Advising investor in relation to rules and regulations concerning production of batteries in Romania and proposed investment in relation thereto.
    • Legal assistance to international investment fund in relation to acquisition of project in respect of construction and completion of photovoltaic project in Romania.
    • Legal assistance in respect of purchase of micro hydro units including carrying out detailed legal due diligence in respect of proposed purchase and assets.

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