Why Digital Nomad to Romania

digital nomad romania

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many employers to offer full-time remote work for their employees. To encourage employees in several European countries, including Germany, Portugal, Iceland, Croatia or some non-EU countries such as Mexico, Costa Rica or the United Arab Emirates many countries have relaxed immigration requirements and offered some tax exemptions in respect of work visas for foreign employees.

As Romania has become more attractive to foreign Nationals who are prepared to come to and work and live in Romania similarly the Romania Parliament has passed and brought into effect Law No.22/2022 which has amended the legislation on the regime of foreigners in Romania thereby allowing Digital Nomads.

Who is the digital nomad?

According to Law no. 22/2022, the digital nomad is a foreigner (non-EU) who is employed with an employment contract with a non-Romanian registered company and who provides services to that company and its clients by using information and communication technology and who can carry out their employment activity remotely.
A digital nomad can also be the person who owns a company registered outside Romania, which he provides services by using information and communication technology and can carry out the activity with the company remotely.

What are Long-stay visa requirements for a digital nomad in Romania?

Accordingly, any persons wishing to travel and stay in Romania while continuing to earn income under an employment contract with a company non-Romanian company or from activities carried out by a company registered by them outside Romania using information and communication technology can obtain a long-stay visa if they cumulatively meet the following conditions:

• They can show that they earned from the activity an amount of least three times the average gross monthly salary in Romania (approximatively 3,700 euros) for the last 6 months prior to the date of filing the visa application, and can show that they will earn this amount for the entire period of the visa,
• They have carried out these activities remotely, by using information and communication technology provided by employment outside Romania or by the ownership of a company outside from Romania for at least three years prior to submitting the visa application.

The procedural steps for obtaining a Romanian nomad visa are similar to the procedure for applying for a long-stay visa for other purposes and are by applying to the Romanian diplomatic missions and consular offices in the country where the applicant has his residence or domicile.

The applicant must present several documents inter alia such as identification documents, employment contracts, company information, the criminal record and the fiscal record of the applicant or of the company registered outside Romania.

A letter of intent must be produced, and this must specify the purpose of the trip to Romania and the activities the applicant intends to carry out. In addition, they need to show the reservation of a travel ticket valid to the destination and proof of health insurance for the entire period of the period for which a visa is being requested. The health insurance policy must be for a coverage of at least thirty thousand euros. Finally, proof of accommodation is required. This list is not exhaustive and additional information or documentation can also be requested by the Romanian immigration authorities.

As the pandemic has meant that many jobs are now done online digital working has become a chance for some employees to move to other countries and to work remotely from there. Romania can be seen as an advantageous country for the digital nomads as, for example, it has one of the fastest internet connections in the entire world, which can be a great asset for an IT worker or for a multinational technology corporation.

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