Nora Matei - Partner

Nora Matei is a Romanian lawyer as well as a registered foreign legal advisor with the Northern Ireland Law Society. 

She has experience of practising law in Romania and abroad. Her extensive legal knowledge covers both civil law and court procedure.  She has advised on civil law matters, commercial law, family law, employment law, criminal law, tax dispute as well as data protection. With her extensive experience, she often supplies expert opinions on Romanian law and practise for use in foreign courts. 

She has built an extensive practise providing advice to many clients on labour and employment issues as well as visa and immigration issues.  She advises clients in restructuring of their businesses to minimize the legal effect on the business and the employees.

Her clients often call upon her to counsel them on day-to-day legal matters in respect of their business enabling her to build a close relationship with the clients.  She has advised on financing and refinancing issues as well as on banking documentation. She has conducted detailed legal due diligence in respect of the purchase of assets including companies and advised on the relevant documentation.

She is fluent in Romanian and English.

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